Art Direction

CLIENT:  Sephora
CATEGORY:  Art Direction
YEAR:  2021
ART DIRECTION:  Kelly Clawson
VIDEO DIRECTOR:  Shawn Butcher

PRODUCER:  Clara Goldfarb

MAKEUP:  Emily Cheng
WARDROBE:  Sarah Kinsumba
HAIR:  Anna Lyles
NAILS:  Holly Falcone
TALENT:  Alencia J Lewis
Alicia Olivas

Campaign to establish the brand-new tone and visual direction for Sephora's makeup category, leaning into a natural, "no-makeup" look and feel. Concept focused on creating a lit-from-within glow while accentuating uniqueness as opposed to covering it up. The campaign showcases three makeup products paired together to create a simple, gleamy dreamy look.

Video and photography uses warm light to reference the ease and warmth of the late afternoon. While strategic shadows and textured backgrounds were used to reference a relaxing setting similar to home. Talent was cast with authenticity, approachability, playfulness and inclusion in mind.

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